Data Table - No Rows on Tablet or Mobile

Our data tables function fine on desktop but the rows are’t displayed on tablet or mobile unless filters/search is applied and the number of result rows is under 100.

The data grid has 17 Columns, 150 Rows per page (we have trialed 200 rows, 50 rows etc) there are 778 rows in total.

We have raised this with support, first contacted them 30th May waiting on updates.
But we wanted to check if anyone else is having a similar issue?



Does it help if you reduce the page size? I vaguely recall noticing something like this

Have they got back to you? Maybe I can escalate this so they can talk to you in the builder chat.

Yes they were last in touch 11th June so hopefully it’s something they’re trying to figure out.

We’ve just retested a bunch of page sizes again and these seem to have improved.

Cut off on tablet is 95 rows
Cut off on mobile is 130 rows

Not sure if this is a throttling control by Glide? We’re testing on latest M4 iPad Pros so there shouldn’t be any performance problems.

Ideally we’d like 150 rows on all devices minimum for this use case.

This thread has been escalated. Support will follow up via the Messenger in the Builder or through email.