Data Syncing between Google Sheets and Glide Builder's Data Editor

I manage the majority of my app’s data in Google Sheets, but there are certainly times when editing an existing Google Sheet in the Glide Builder Data Editor makes more sense. I’ve noticed an odd workflow though:

  • Everything I add in Google Sheets (columns, rows, formulas, etc.) gets picked up and is editable in the Glide builder’s data editor.
  • Only specific data or table structure that is created in the Glide Builder’s Data Editor is synched back to Google Sheets, even after refreshing my Google Sheet?

For example, if I add a Row ID column in the builder this is picked up in Google Sheets. However, if I create a new Construct URL column in the builder this new column is not displayed back in my Google Sheet? Can someone help me understand why? Thx

Computed columns will not appear in a google sheet. Only basic columns. That’s because computed columns only live in glide and are actually only computed on each user’s device. They are dynamic and ever changing, so it doesn’t make sense for them to live in a google sheet.


@Jeff_Hager I appreciate the info…make’s sense. :+1:

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