Data sources: Airtable not loading

Hi there, I’m using Airtable as a data source with oauth authentication. Despite that I’m unable to refresh the connected base and repeteadly receive the following error.


Have you connected to Airtable before or this is a completely new connection?

It’s an existing connection that had been updated to Oauth some time ago when Glide send out a heads-up on the API key depreciaton. I’m giving it some time as the dataset is large, wish there was import by view, instead of entire bases and tables.

We support up to 25k rows in Airtable.

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Thanks David, while the entire Airtable base exceeded the >25k row limit, I had removed some tables to not surpass the limit, initially experienced the error, but the data eventually synced/loaded.

I’m a similar situation to other users, where only a small subset of Airtable data, far from all rows, is required, but only entire tables can be synced. Other apps that integrate with Airtable’s API, for example Fillout and Softr, allow using views, which would be super helpful to have more granular control over what rows are imported… I saw that a few feature requests and forum threads on that topic already exist, but understand that it might be an edge case.