Data Source Sheet Name Changed By Itself

Why did the name of my source Data sheet change in Glideapps. When I click on it, it opens up the correct spreadsheet with the correct name, but it shows as a different source sheet name in Glideapp.

wrong sheet name
This is not my google sheet name. But when I click on it, it opens up the correct “Google Sheet”

@Darren_Murphy already let the support team know about it. Thanks for the report!


How long does it take for the bug to be fixed? Still showing a different Google Sheet.

All I know is that it’s been escalated to Glide Engineering to investigate.

Personally, I’m not really bothered about it. It has zero impact on any of my Apps functionality, or my end users. And that’s what’s important.

Oh ok. So you are experiencing the same issue? I thought it was just me.

Yes, I have the same issue in one of my teams. And I’m aware of others who have reported the same.

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ok…thank you. :slight_smile:

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