Google sheet showing as source but I chose Glide Table?

Hi all,

Sorry for noob question but I’ve been working on my first Glide app using only Glide Tables. But I happened to notice that the source shows as a Google sheet. So I created a new app to ensure I specifically chose Glide Tables as the base but it still shows a Google sheet as the source.

Is this correct?

Thanks in advance!

Are you sure? Can you show a screenshot?

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Hi @Darren_Murphy here’s a screenshot. I tried making a loom video to show me creating it from scratch but as I’m new to Loom, didn’t know how to move the controls at the bottom that were covering the exact section.

The only tables you have listed are Glide Tables. The Google Sheet under Sources means nothing in this case. If you click on it, it will not open a google sheet. You can ignore it.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager !

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@Zonez_SF just for future reference - when you look at the list of tables in the Data Editor, you’ll see that Glide Tables have a white icon, and Google Sheets have a green icon:

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