Data source displaying incorrectly in editor view

The Google Sheets Data source displayed in lower left corner of Data editor doesn’t match the data source selected in settings. The link in the data editor does open the correct sheet, even though it doesn’t match.



I haven’t used this channel before - if I post the support link, I’m assuming only Glide support folks would be able to look into it, is that right?

Yes, I noticed that today as well.
It’s strange, because the name shown in the data editor doesn’t match the Spreadsheet name, nor any of the individual sheet names.

I’ll bring this to the attention of Glide Support.


Thanks Darren. Here’s the support link

I did some editing of Sheet and Worksheet names a while back, and I can tell you Zapier doesn’t like it one bit either! And that was with following their advice to turn off the Zaps while the names were changed.

As far as I can tell it’s just a case of the display not updating - the app is working fine with the sheet that is selected in settings.

Any updates here? Still seeing incorrect sheets displayed on my projects. I know how to force the update of the display at least.