Data section only shows first row, and increment buttons only apply to this row

I am trying to create a page where you can add increments to the number value cell when it is selected (a scoreboard).
As you can see in the screenshot, when I select the data tab, it is only showing my first row.
When I add an increment action to a button, the only option for ROW is “This Item”

I am wondering how to make the action apply to the row I have selected, in the point column.
Let me know if more information is required for this post, and I appreciate any and all help :slight_smile:

What you see is expected.
To get what you want you would need to display the table using a Collection, and then you could use an Increment action on your Collection Items.

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Appreciate the reply, Darren_Murphy.
I am currently displaying the table using a ‘Data Grid’ collection, and have several buttons with different increment values underneath.

When I hit one of these buttons, the action works, but it only applies to the top row (in this case, Amanda’s points go up by x).
I am trying to make it so that I can apply these increment actions to whatever row I choose (e.g. clicking “Individual Reward” and then applying points to “JT” points in row 8.

Yes, that won’t work because you can only directly target the current row. As I said, the way to get what you want is by using a Collection, and then you can have a button (or series of buttons) on each collection item that applies the increments.

There is no way to do what you want with a Data Grid.

Again, appreciate your help.
Your use of ‘Collection’ is where I’m lost, because a data grid is a ‘collection’ per my Components tab.
But I will trust your judgement that it can’t be done.
Ideally, I have one set of buttons and they will apply to whatever is selected, but given your responses (and the attitude you’ve decided to take on) I’m thinking that’s not really possible.
Thanks for your patience

Ah yes, sorry. I should have been more explicit. You need to use one of the Collection types that supports actions. So any of List, Grid, Card or Table would work.

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