How to use a button to add values to a row

So I want to create an app as a tally tracker for the amount of procedures that are completed. If I click a button I want it to be able to add +1 to the existing value that is present in that row.

Shown in the image above is an example of the button page layout. When I click a button I want it to be able to add to my values, instead of using the edit button and changing the number manually. Please let me know if this option is possible.

You can apply the Increment action to your button.

When I try the Increment button when it asks for the row and column the only options it shows are “this item” and “picture” it wont show options for all the other columns I have for each one. What would I have to change in my data sheets, they are all separated one by one by the procedure type and then then list of options that I showed in the picture above.

Can you share some screenshots of you data and the button settings?

Is your tab connected to the table your are trying to update with the button?

So I am new to the app and was just doing trial and error when making these tables. There are alot of different tables because each category has sub categories and the only way to differentiate the values for me earlier was by making different tables for each and every category. You can kind of see what I have in the pictures to give you an idea.

If there are better ways to organize the values and ensure that each number changes independently that would be fantastic

This is what each sub category table essentially looks like

I’m not quite understanding how your subcategory tables work. I see two rows that are text based as opposed to numeric (could be a problem if you are trying to increment a number), and since you have two rows, which one would you expect to receive the increment? Is each subcategory table essentially the same with only two rows? If so, then you have a total of 10 rows of data across 5 tables, but only 5 buttons to update those values.

I’m thinking that it would be better to create separate columns in your Logs table. Since you have 5 subcategory tables, with what I assume is only two rows each, then that would translate to 10 additional columns in your Logs table and you can remove the other 5 tables. That way since you are viewing the Log row, the increment action on the button can directly increment the appropriate column in that same row.

If you absolutely need to have separate subcategory tables, then it would help me to better understand their purpose and how you use them. There is a way to keep it in separate tables and still increment the value in those separate tables, but that largely depends on which row in those tables you expect to increment. Then it’s a matter of creating several single relations to link the Log table to each subcategory table, and then perform the increment through those relations.

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