Can't write/increment number to the table I want to

I have made an app where people can see all restaurant’s menus in a collected place, and I want the user to be able to choose when they intend to have lunch and in that way make a bar chart of when the restaurants will be most busy. Right now I can use the correct table for the source of the “choice” component but I cannot increment number to the correct column (cannot choose the same table to write to) Is there a known workaround or am I approaching this wrong? See pictures for further clarification.

Thanks a lot for any help!

This is the table I want to increment if the user chooses time

You could make new entries in a different table, with records that have relation to that time, then roll-up the numbers in this table and make it conditional to always rollup the records of ‘Today’.

Then eventually because you are saving data in the entries table, you could also show what the expected attendance is. :slight_smile:

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Use a set column action instead of increment.

Is this just a choice component to answer the “when do you intend to eat?” question, or is it a form to submit it somewhere?

Thank you for all the replies! @ThinhDinh I made it as a form to submit but I couldn’t make it so it incremented the value of ‘number of pickups’ by 1 when submitted. Workaround I’ve made now is to use a button that shows a new screen with cards for the time slots and an action to increment number of pickups by 1, see pic for clarification. It works well, but there’s no way of making sure that one user doesn’t choose several times…