DATA on the Properties screen

Where in the documentation do I find out how to properly set or edit these DATA selections on the property screen?
I don’t think I fully understand how to properly adjust these.

The address would take a text address or coordinates as its input.

The other fields are to be shown as information when the user clicks on a pin on the map.

Do you need help with other types of layouts as well? I don’t know if they are in the documentation, will try to help if you need.

So for an address to work, do I need the street, city, state and zip all in the same cell?

Ideally yes, then it would be easier to geocode that and get the more accurate coordinates for display.

Thank you @ThinhDinh.

So I should eliminate the seperate columns for city state and zip and have all of that in one cell

Yeah you can join that by an arrayformula if you don’t have the full thing already. Then use this for geocoding: