Data in table is different from data shown in Glide Page

Data in my table says the invitation has been accepted, while the app keeps showing pending …

Is there a sync procedure that should happen to show the data in the front-end?

Can you explain a little about the “Accepted Pending” column?

ie. What type of column is it, what does it take as inputs, and how does it process the inputs?

I have two possible theories to explain what you see, but I’d like to learn more about that column.

it’s an excel formula.

when a user is invited his/her email is stored in this referrals table.
when someone with that email actually signs up it will also show up in the refferals table and the excel formula will determine that the referral has been acccepted.

Okay, so that rules out one of my theories.

The other theory is related to the fact that I see that you are using Row Owners in that table.
The simple way to test that would be to remove Row Owners and see if anything changes.

Just as an aside, that Excel formula could be replaced with a simple if-then-else column, ie:

  • If Created user email is Invitee emailaddress, then Accepted
  • Else Pending

I’d also be curious to see if the table that the relation is pointing to has row owners. I suspect that the other table has a different owner.

Row owners are pretty much ignored when viewing data in the data editor. The app will respect them, but not the data editor.


Hi Gents,

Thank you for your feedback.
Once I removed the row owners from the “users” table, this issue was solved.

However could this potentially raise a security issue, allowing other users inspecting the app seeing other users data?
I don’t have a table exposing the users data apart from the user profile.

Many thanks for your advice!

Best regards,


Yes, that’s correct.
The way to address that would be to reapply Row Owners, but do it in a way that still allows all users to access the rows that they need to.

I’m not sure I have enough context to say exactly what needs to be done, but it could be as simple as including two Owner columns in your Referrals table - one for the Invitee and one for the Inviter.

You should keep in mind that once you reapply Row Owners to your Users table, then each user will only have access to their own profile row. So if there is additional user information required in the Referrals table, this would need to be added to non-computed columns at the point that each row is created. ie. you wouldn’t be able to access any User Profile data using relations and lookups (or any computed columns), except for that of the signed in user.


Thanks Darren, I think indeed creating two tables would be the solution.

However currently I chose not to use the users table … since I don’t really need it anywhere …
Only offcourse in the standard “user profile” tab this is shown.
I assume that is an issue as well?