Data entry mask on phone or email component?

I just want to make sure that I am not missing anything. The use of the Phone or Email component (and/or corresponding properties on the data grid) have no influence over the way the data entered is “masked”, correct?
I was kind of hoping that a Phone component would enforce something like:
(###) ###-####
Similarly, an Email component would enforce something like:
Thoughts? Thank you.

You’re not missing anything. There is no real validation other than a Number Entry only allowing numbers and the Date/Time Pickers only allowing dates. I think specifying an Entry type might help establish the type of column for use in other parts of the app, but most importantely, it helps determine which type of keyboard displays on a mobile device. For example, an text entry gives you a full keyboard. Phone entry will only show the phone keypad. Number entry will show a numeric calculator type keypad.

Stricter validation would be nice, or the ability to build RegEx to control the entry. I do have one odd case though where I actually add words to phone numbers in my app, so I can further specify if the number is a work, cell, home, parent, child, etc phone number. It works great because my phone will ignore non-numbers, but if I had to, I could still use a text entry componenet.

Long story short. There is no masking or validation currently.

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