Data doesn't appear for Language Device Changed

I had today 5 devices reporting the data is not appearing on the app and while troubleshooting the issue we found out that its because their device is in the Arabic language which we conducted a deep investigation and still can’t understand why it’s disappearing as it works for some devices and other ones aren’t.

The devices OS are Latest iOS and also Android 10 and 9 and we couldn’t figure out if it’s related to a certain model.

So The data that are vanishing are mostly a relation data and the menu items and the data inside it has no effect

Are you using row owners anywhere? Are you sure it’s not related to the user who is logged in, vs the language of the device? Does this also happen if you switch the device to Hebrew?

Yes am using row owner in 2 sheets.

And am 100% is not related to the user because I tried different accounts amd the same accounts works perfectly in English Language

As for the Hebrew am testing it

@Mark its working fine with Hebrew

Could you share your app and tell me exactly where the screen is that doesn’t show data in Arabic?