Data displaying weirdly/incorrectly in Tab

Here is the rich text component (a CSS table) as displayed in the DATA section of the builder for this Tab:


Note the footer has a summary of 28 / 12 / 7.

This displays on Screen with a Summary of 0 / 0 / 0 .

Below it I cut the rich text data directly from the DATA section and pasted into a new Rich Text field I added. It displays correctly.


The rich text summary column in the table is a template and I checked the template and it is has the correct CSS data with the correct summary - but by the time it hits the TAB the display show all zeros.

Any ideas what is happening between the data in the DATA section and what is being displayed?

Here is another example:


I think this has to do with row-owners but I do not understand why the template CSS column is changed on the fly before displaying versus the accurate data shown in the DATA builder view.

All row-ownership looks correct in Glide Data Editor (shaded versus darkened rows).

Row Owners would be my first guess. When you are viewing data in the data editor, you see all rows of data regardless if you own it or not. Any computed columns will compute against all of that owned and unowned data. On the app side, you would not normally have access to unowned rows of data and it will reflect as such. So if you are only summarizing data that you don’t own, then you will not have any totals greater than zero.