Data disappears

I am building a personal health app.

One sheet has a date, and corresponding to each date, the user enters personal log of items such as number of hours slept, quality of sleep etc. Lets call this sheet “Personal Log”

I have created another sheet, which I am building as a “dashboard”. I have related the date column in the “Dashboard” sheet to the “Date” column in the “Personal Log” sheet. I have looked up 2 details from the Personal Log into the Dashboard (Lets call them column A & column B). Each time I try to do any math on these 2 columns, the “Date” column in the Dashboard sheet goes blank. This has happened multiple times. Any inputs on why this is happening?

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Can you please make a video of this?

I can see the data & the math calculation now. I’ll share here if this recurs. Thanks!

I’ve noticed this too. I have to refresh the app for it to appear again.


Can confirm this also happens to me randomly today.

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Seems to be tied to the Math column. Whenever I add one and mess with it a bit, other columns (even ones not associated to the math column)—specifically relation/rollup columns— display as empty which appears to affect the math column. The data is still there, though, because when I refresh the tab, all is restored.


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Yes. Related. The data loss was temporary and as described here.

@Mark Any update on this? Still happening whenever I add a Math column.

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Yes I already had the same problem.

My solution is to close the editor and reopen it.

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I have the same problem, but in the editor I can see the values, in the iOS app I can’t, in android app it works.