Data access

I have a choice in my home screen to select the green number and would like to use the corresponding green times in a calculation in my home table. Is this possible? TIA!

You can select a column for the value of your choice component and a different value for the “Display as” portion. Is this what you’re looking for?



Under my configuration for Ontime, I would like to add the selected t (T Time) and the corresponding green time based on the green selection. For example, if 7:20 was selected as the T time and green 2 selected, I’d like to add t + 30…hope this explains what I’m trying to do! Thanks!!

Well, you can do as @kyleheney suggested and set up your choice component so it displays the green number in the list of choices, but writes the green time to the table instead.

Or you can keep writing the green number, but create a single relation column that links the green number to the green number in your choice table, followed by a lookup column that retrieves the green time from the relation.




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