Danger! my head Explode

This is wrong. Please fix it.
Fix it by pointing it at your Relation. NOT the table.

You want to lookup a value in the relation. You do NOT want to lookup up a value directly in the table. That’s what I’ve been trying to say all along. Your Lookup column is set up wrong because you are trying to skip the relation and get the value directly from the table. You don’t want to do that. The purpose of the relation is to use it. Change the lookup column to use the relation.

Pick the relation.

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like this?

Sorry for not understanding what you meant. I think I’ve messed around too much and haven’t been able to make heads or tails of it… Sorry… But can you then advise me on what I should use in the viewscreen? Is it a datagrid or just a table?"

No that is not correct. Open the dropdown and take a screenshot. You are still getting to the relation through the table. Look at my screenshot…the very first option should be the relation. Ignore everything else.

Okay, now I can better understand why I couldn’t grasp what you meant because I haven’t seen that while I’m sitting here looking at icons, and also didn’t quite understand what you meant. Sorry…"

@Jeff_Hager the icon used for relations is a bit greyed and is too often overlooked. It should be bright red (ok - I got carried away). But here at a lookup column the tables can be greyed a bit as you most like would use the relation in the lookup.

@Snookie velkommen til :sunglasses:

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