Customers Domain won't verify

My app’s URL:

I was working to fix my domain, I removed the custom domain to reset it to the same one. All of my DNS entries are updated and correct and it won’t set to the domain.

Keeps going back to

“custom domain
Configure a custom domain”

I walk through it again and it still says the same. The domain won’t resolve, so no way to test it further.


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Where is your domain hosted and have you called their support? It can take a few hours to cycle through, but if it has been a few hours, that would be your first step.

Hello Perrin,

Any SSL error messages?

I do use Cloudflare so I know that you have to turn it off on their end and also not proxy. I have it working that way for other domains. This domain even used to work.

So not sure what is causing it now, Tried to roll back anything to see what might be the reason.

Got it working with www during the set up. now the direct address without is not working