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Can you also PLEASE change the default font in Hebrew to anything that is sans-sarif (Arial, Verdana, Robotto…)

(Letting us choose fonts would be awsome)

For a small fee, you can be :slight_smile:

Looking fresh!

To play around: https://plantbuddybeta.glideapp.io/


Hi all, sorry for bumping another older thread but couldn’t find any specific image dimensions in the documentation or other threads in the forum. I’m looking to use full screen background images a lot

I use Canva for cropping and designing images so helps to know what the specific size parameters are.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Looks like @Jeff_Hager already answered this in another thread: Recommended Image Dimensions? - #4 by Jeff_Hager

The trick with images is to match the aspect ratio to the container size.
So, for example, if you plan to use an image in a 3x2 container, then you’ll want your image to match that. ie. 300x200, 600x400, etc.

I sometimes prepare multiple copies of each image so that I can easily swap them around if I decide to use a different container size.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy ! Ahh yes that makes sense. Appreciate the tip!

My co-founder is actually a very picky designer and using many designs/photos for the initial splash screen but the email box, continue box and Google were clashing with his ideas.

can we not have the app name default here, please give the option to turn it on or off

How did you hide the app name on the screen…?

I placed the empty png image

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The inability to move the email box and continue button is killing my designer. He spent hours working on a design but he’s now having to redesign around those two elements.

just create an image that will go around these boxes… if he/she is good… it will be no problem, you can move email box a little by adjusting logo size.

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Thanks @Uzo , that’s a great idea. I’ll let him know. I think right now, he’s sorta doing it by feeling but through trial and error since the image dimension isn’t exact due to lack of size specificity (although @Darren_Murphy gave great tip up above regarding container size). He sent me this article link where he’s using some basic parameters: 375x667pt or 375x812pt iOS Design Guidelines: Illustrated Patterns (+ free templates)

The biggest drag is we already asked several other designer friends if they liked the image or not and there was one in particular they all agreed on (which can be challenging if you know how picky designers are) So if we have to change it again, it’s not so much just making it fit but if it gives the same emotional response that the previous design gave.

Thanks for reading

yes… when i design my backgrounds… i always take extra margins to go along with deferent devices…
here my latest design for my Book reading App:


Oh that’s a beautiful design @Uzo Thanks for sharing and also for sharing the margin tip!

Yes in our use case, we’re trying to emphasize many cities to give an international vibe and evoke that emotion of excitement. Here’s an example of a travel site that’s a tiny bit comparable (but we’re not doing travel)

You can see it’s already busy as is so imagine being forced to deal with two immovable blocks.

A big part of this is my fault as we came from a competing platform where we had more flexibility with the splash page so designed with no limits and when I discover Glide, fell in love with the features but just barely touched the splash screen this past weekend. Had I known earlier, I might’ve asked the glide team during their open coding hours last week if anything could be done :frowning:

We’ll make it work though. Thanks again for your advice. Much appreciated

Your explanation is confusing… are talking about signing in screen itself or you wanna have options before signing in?
You can have options screen with background picture and button to sign in… in Glide. Than it will look like example link that you posted.

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Hi @Uzo Sorry for my confusing explanation. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know there was a Show Sign In action available before your reply haha. I thought that the sign in screen was only available in the very beginning.

This changes everything so thank you thank you!

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No need to be sorry, we all learning new tricks everyday! :wink: