🗝️📲 Custom Sign In

You tried and they don’t?

Nope…had to create my own.

Sorry, I don’t understand. You had to create your own what?

Overlay. The overlays weren’t working over a GIF. Maybe my GIF was too large?

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That looks like it’s working.

What were you seeing when it wasn’t working?

That overlay was the one I created. I had selected both the gradient and the dark overlay and there was no change. My GIF is 20MB

Could you share the GIF that’s not working?

I can’t reproduce this at all. Could you reproduce this on a video maybe?

This happened to me app twice on the first day I tried this. I didn’t try it again, so perhaps it has resolved. Too nervous to try it on my main app. I will look for time to do a test with another app.


What are the recommended or ideal background dimensions for a customized sign in screen? :thinking:


Will the Public app get a custom and/or duplicate Custom Screen? As it stands today, its, just the App logo in the middle of the screen.


I should mention that if you change an app in any way, running apps will reload to update around 10 minutes after your last change. This could happen while they’re editing data. We know we need to fix that.

This I do know. Yes. Has happened to a few of us. But I’ve seen mention of it in the forum s, so I know you’re aware and trying to fix.

This is a good question and should probably be added to the documentation… @JackVaughan?


Sure I will chat with design & see what they suggest. Will be affected by tablet/dt layout when it comes as well.


Did you get an answer if there is a recommended background image dimension for the sign in screen?


Hi Mark,

Welcome to the Glide community!

I did not get an answer yet. I would suggest to keep an eye on this thread and the official announcements for updates. If I catch any info I’ll ping you.


This is such an awesome app… I’m thinking standard 18:9 smartphone ratio…

Not yet, we’re just making some final adjustments to this. Should be releasing very soon. :slightly_smiling_face: