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Love the new sign-in screen customization options - but for some reason the options do not show within my settings.

According to the documentation I should be able to ‘play’ with overlays etc - but those options don’t appear - see screenshot below. I can load a background image - but that’s about it.

I am on the Business Plan.

Any suggestions?


Thanks for the speedy response… nope it is a ‘pages’ app.


I could be wrong but i don’t think it allows you to customize the overlays itself. You can add a background and logo but that is it.

But I agree it would be great to be able to customize it a little more but happy with what we have versus what is was before lol

If you mean this doc, it should be updated. The screenshots are from Classic Apps.

cc @JackVaughan @Darren_Murphy

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Thanks @ThinhDinh — appreciate it. In future - could you tag @Lasa for this? He’s working on docs with Cait more than me these days. :pray:

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Appreciate it, Jack! Will do.