Custom products with Stripe, is that possible?

Hey everyone!

I want to understand whether what I am trying to do is possible.

I want to use standard Glide Buy button with add to cart function. But the list of products will not be predefined. Users will create the products by themselves, answering to some questions that I will ask them in the app.

For example, let’s take coffee. I ask the user which coffe he wants, what is the size of the cup, how much sugar, how much ml of milk, which sort of milk and etc…

When he made his choices, he presses the “finish” button and the custom coffee is being sent to the product list, while user now see the buy button and can buy it with standard glide stripe integration.

It looks possible to do, but I have never done it. Do you see any problems that can arise here? Is this really possible?

there is no problem there, just do exactly what you planing, when customer is ready, turn on visibility for the buy now button