Custom Form issues

I have created a custom form and can’t seem to get an empty record and write data and store that data and then get another empty record to write the next record. I get one of the records from the table that loads each time…when I submit then all info is written and then the form when it loads again has all that last data…want to open the custom form with a button and have a blank record…then fill it out and submit and have all data written and then when I want another it would get a new record to work with.

If you’re setting it up correctly, you should be able to use a set column action on entry to the form screen, and clear all values.

Added the clear all values and the world is a peaceful place! Thanks again!

From “Thịnh Đinh via Glide Community” <>
Date 6/26/2023 6:41:46 PM
Subject [Glide Community] [Ask for Help] Custom Form issues

Well world peace did not last that long…when I did this now my math column will not show up on the form when I add values in the 2 numbers field that my math column is doing math on ;-(
Can I get that to work on a custom form screen?

Please include some screenshots on how you’re setting that up.

What shots/info do you need to see?

Preferably your math column, your custom form columns, and your front end design for the form.

The top shows the form and the entry price which default stop and default limit are added or subtracted to the entry price depending on buy or sell and therefore the 4 different math columns that deal with the 4 scenarios that could arise. The Text components are filtered to show the Buy only of each if the alert is selected as a Buy and vice versa for Sell.

That looks like an edit form though, and not a “custom” form. Can you verify if you’re using an edit screen there?

Yikes it is! I add a new row then use the “set column values” and clear all values and then “show edit screen” and it works to give me the empty fields but if I change that edit screen which will I use to still get the empty fields when I show the record?
I changed to a “show new screen” and then cleared and added the other layout of components and it worked! Ok I pray I am learning from these mistakes and appreciate your help!

While I’m not sure what your use case is, this is the correct way to build a custom form.

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