Computed Columns are not updated for Show Form and Edit Form screens

I have Template, IF-ELSE, Experimental Code columns in my table. None of them are refreshing in GUI. I mean I have “Create form” and when I am setting basic columns - it doesn’t update dependent controls.

One example: I have 2 Choice controls “Hours” and “Minutes”, and a Template column that joins texts to “Start Time - HH:MM”. When I change Hours or minutes, Text control with Template value is not updated.

Same when I edit row with Edit Form Screen.

That’s because a form does not write any data to the table until you submit. It will not work in a form. You would be better off creating a custom form if you want to do calculations in real time.

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Yes, sad that computed columns are not computing in a state of limbo. Custom Forms will require doing a lot of things manually(such as controlling Required fields, no Cancel/Done buttons, etc.)

Recategorizing this as this is not a bug.

Yes, custom forms are more work, but provide a lot more functionality. If done correctly, you can still have a cancel or done button, and those buttons could be set to show only when all required values are filled.


can we show the form input somewhere else on the form before its is submit?
Before the value is put into the column, is there any way we can call that value to make computations and show the user what he is about to do on submit?

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No, the only way to have live calculation is a custom form.

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