🤔 How to: Efficiently get real time calculation sum while from text entry components (w/ pic)


I have a numbers column that the user needs to update and see the calculation result in real time.

Currently from the Edit screen (if that part correct) I have to input the number, hit submit and go back into the row.

Is there a more efficient way accomplish this? Thanks.

Instead of showing the edit screen, set the action to “Show new screen” and add all these components on the new screen. You will be able to see the results in real time.

Thanks for the response.

Can you clarify “showing” with that reply? In this pic the components are in a Form Container. Doesn’t “Show new screen” come into play after creating an action first?

You said you are viewing an Edit Screen. Which action did you use to get to that screen?

Computed columns don’t work on Add/Edit screens because data isn’t written to the table until after you submit the form. However, Detail/New screens write data to the table in real time as you type, so computed columns should work.

Perhaps a “hybrid form” could work here depending on how many calculations you’re wanting to display?


Thanks for the reply.

I keep reading the phrase “Helper Table” but I don’t see that as a component. Where do I find that?

Got it. I have a Custom Screen with a Collection Table. I click on the three dots and that gives me the Edit screen that takes me to the view of my previous picture.

A helper table is nothing more than a regular data table. The only difference is that it really isn’t meant to store data long term. It can be a single row used for a custom form, or it can be multiple rows that dynamically calculate based on some input from the user. Personally, I call them work tables because they are meant to do work as opposed to storing data. It’s a way to execute code in a no-code environment.

Yeah like I said, if you are inside an Add/Edit/Form as opposed to a detail screen, then computed columns won’t give results until the form is submitted.


Roger that! So to set up the Helper Table for me to calculate what are the steps for that? Starting with a container on the left side and adding a table from the Style on the right side?

Sorry for all the questions, just getting into GlideApps.

A Helper Table is something you create in the Data Editor, not the Layout.

Go to the Data Editor, click the + to create a new table, and go from there…

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Thanks a million for the follow up. Seeing “Table” on the right side is what was throwing me off.

Totally appreciate the help, sir!