Custom form app

Hello, I am looking for advice.
I am creating custom form for business to turn paperless.
I am the only person that build form.
Do you think I can run multiples forms / dashboard and results with a pro apps?

Do you have better :bulb:?
Thanks for your advice

Thanks for your reply . I know how to create form. Do you think we can manage multiple businesses with 1 pro account?

Is that all the app does? Displays a different form for different companies?

Do they need different components in the form?

Ok, I think what you need to do is actually use the app to manage the form responses but use google forms for your forms. they can feed into the app so you can analyze the data. A business normally needs a much more diverse form than what we have in the app. And the best thing about google forms is you can email them and when they are submitted it still populates in your sheets and in your app. They even have form templates to get you started. With this being said you could build a dashboard in Google sheets to manage the data as well. Don’t get me wrong, I do think using Glide would better suit managing the data, but in all reality the forms would be lacking.

Yes a company would have multiples form with différents components.
Each company would be able to see results of the page who they have access to