Forms Hub - using Glide

I’m trying to create a forms hub for our company.

Users open the main dashboard … select the form they want to fill in (sick leave, vacation, purchase order etc…) and then this directs them to a form.

Any advise on how to design the tables and how to direct users to the correct form? Is this doable using Glide?

We have hundreds of forms… seems to me its won’t be neat due to the huge amount of visibility conditions or if statements i might have to use.

Am i better off creating the forms elsewhere (typeform or google forms) and just using Glide for the main dashboard to link users to the form links?

Lets say i design each table as a form. 200 tables. is there any way other than having 200 buttons on the main dashbaord to link users to a certain table add form?

I would try to categorize the forms and show the categories on the top level.

200 tables sounds too much though, but if you want to keep everything in one place then it is what it is.

Yes for sure we would categorize the forms. My question how would we link to 200 forms form the main dashboard?
We can put 200 buttons but that won’t look good.
We can use a title component or collection and add 200 actions but that also won’t look good.
Can we use a choice component which would look good, but then we would have to make 200 relations in the user table and write 200 if conditions to take the user to the correct form he selects…

I’m just wondering whats the best way to do this.

I saw this yesterday and thought about it a little, but didn’t have time to respond.
I think a choice component with a single button is possibly the cleanest option.
The problem then is that you would need a custom action on the button with 200 conditional branches, which would be a bit of a maintenance nightmare.

There might be a better way, I’d have to give it some more thought.


I am a bit confused with Glide now

So there are some 400 employees in the company. Employees need a sign in as the forms must not be public.

Is this actually a good Glide use case looking at Glide as an internal app builder for businesses. (Creating a forms hub for the company)

Building a forms hub with 400 users will cost the company approx 1600$ per month … which is totally out of the budget …

Any advise on other solutions or maybe advise to better understand Glide’s best use cases more

Do you expect all 400 employees to use the App every month?
Keep in mind that you are charged for active users, not per seat.

If I have 500 users

but Each of my users only log in once per month. (Used only once and did not use again within that month)

Like this: glide counts users within my month = 500 people, right?

I am currently on the business plan.

If all 500 use the App with a month, then yes that would be counted as 500 users.

Yes all 400 employees will definitely use the app every month. There are monthly forms they have to fill in.

on the new business plan you are allowed 20 free users & the rest are 4$ per user so approx 2000 $ per month even if they log in 1 time in the month.

Oh, the price is scary. Hmmmm. Let’s wait and see the glide price update after receiving feedback from this community first. I still have time to organize.

I feel maybe they could increase the number of users in the plan. This still leaves us with a per user pricing plan which could be very costly even for barely active users within an organization.