Custom Domain configuration for GlidePro

Does setting up a subdomain impact the website speed?

Should make no difference whatsoever.
Whether you’re using your own custom domain, or the Glide supplied domain, and DNS lookup is still involved. So the difference in responsiveness should be negligible (unless your custom domain is broken).


Thank you! We have the subdomain set up and it’s working.

Follow up:

Is it correct that both URLs (the custom subdomain and the .glide will continue to work?

Is there a need for people who were already using the app to logout and back in or uninstall and reinstall?

Yes, as long as you don’t change the original

Not really. Again, unless you change the original. With one of mine I did actually do that, just because I wanted to force all my users to switch to the custom domain

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I need help setting up the buehost domain with glideapp

Hi, Have you resolved this issue? I have the same problem. The custom domain used to work until I transfer to WIX.

Also struggling with NameCheap, they only give me these options?

I found the Advanced DNS for Namecheap and have these options

I’ve already added A Record

This the only data I get from GlideApps- TXT and A
Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 12.03.44

However where do I fill in the rest?

Many thanks in advance

Normally Glide will give you two zone records to create. In my experience it’s always (I think) been a TXT record and a CNAME record. I see it’s giving you an A record. I’m not sure, but I think that might be because you’re using your root domain for your Glide App?

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Yes I’m setting up a root domain “

No sure why it’s giving an A record? However I noticed, I’m now getting a green tick

but the URL still isn’t working?:man_shrugging:t2:

Do you know I get the correct records for a root?

hmm, the TXT record usually includes the FQDN in the host.

Try changing the host in the TXT record to

I’m just guessing here, so no guarantee that will work. But if it’s not working now, changing it won’t make it any worse :wink:

Thanks for the help @Darren_Murphy it was a setting on Namecheap

I had to add an option for TXT, this worked!

She is live!!!

Now I have a ton of bugs to fix :slight_smile:



PS. Namecheap is a PITA. I recently migrated a domain from Namecheap to Google Domains, and my life is just that little bit less stressful :slight_smile:

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