Custom Collection: Grid overflow

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:

  • Inner parts of the grid-displayed custom collection are overflowed
  • All the inner elements are shown outside the grid container

Expected behavior:

  • Return to initial state

How to replicate:

  • Open Custom Coloection: Grid
  • Click to dive into details
  • Go back

Link to demo recording (optional):

I can confirm this is a bug.


Has this been logged with support? For me it’s a link component causing it.

This has been a long-standing problem, isn’t it? Glide should have this as a priority.


Agreed, needs to be priority.

Should we just stop using custom collections the grid layout?

photo from the builder… or is this issue only in the builder? by the way sometimes the layout is fine, and then other times it overlaps.

The issue is happening for users too, not just builder.

I’m a little shocked that this has been left unresolved for so long.

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I have also met with problem and don’t know how to solve it

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I don’t think we should stop using any standard, documented functionality from Glide’s devs. I notice now that I can’t click a component to add it to my layout.