Custom Action For Collection Item Actions

Hello Everyone,
I am trying have created the custom action to delete a collection item and show delete notification, but delete button is not taking the custom action, Please refer the Screenshots attached

Can you record a video of the supposed bug in action using Loom?

Hi! I ran into this thread while searching how to place buttons (Collection Item Actions) on a card component.

With my current setup, buttons appear in the bottom of the card, like this:

However, I see that you managed to place them on the right side of the card, which is what I would like to do. Can I ask how did you achieve this?


Guess it’s related to the width of your screen.

Example with 1:1 Container on Desktop.

On mobile.

Thanks for the quick reply!

In desktop I still see them below, maybe its some configuration?

What layout are you using for the custom collection? I’m using 1:1.

I was able to replicate it. You were right about the screen size.

I was using a grid style, switched it to list style, and now I can see the buttons in desktop, but on mobile I see the three dots.

Any way around this? I guess the UX in mobile is not ideal requiring two clicks.