Crowdsource to clean up neighbourhood litter together

I just released a tiny function of my community development platform in the form of a collaborative city beautification map. Citizens who are in too much of a hurry to grab litter or find litter (or other stuff that isn’t where it belongs) that’s too big for them to haul away (such as shopping carts) can leave it on the map; Volunteers use the public map with the crowdsourced items to easily locate it all & put it where it belongs. Eventually it would be nice to turn it into a game, kind of like Pokemon GO.

Let me know if you’d like me to add features for your own city - for example, I can have buttons displayed on the home that are dependent on individual cities specified in a user profile.


Abosultely love this!

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I recently gave a pitch about the full RespondNOW platform to students at York University taking an education course. I hadn’t considered that angle until their instructor approached me about it:

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