Creating several members in 1 Form

Hi, I’ve searched in the forum but don’t find an answer about how to create several new users in 1 form.

Use case:

  • A parent signs-in
  • He then wants to create its family members BUT without them to sign-in (young kids without their own emails)

I could ask to open a form for each Family member [or] anticipate “10” members in 1 form, but both are not a fantastic UX.

Ideally, I would like to add members (and their details) in 1 single form with a “Add another family member” (cf. image).

Do you have any clue?
Many thanks

Since people have set conditional visibility on components to only show the next set of required fields when the prior set are filled in. So once you fill in child 1, child 2 fields will show, and so on. You could also have a field to set the number of children, and based on that number, show or hide the respective number of components through visibility.

Not sure you can use a button or properly fake out a button by using a horizontal choice component, but a checkbox or switch would also work well to conditionally set visibility on components.

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager,
The ‘field to set the nb of children displaying fields’ seems the option that I will try.

[addendum] Just an issue, it will write in rows in GSheet, not in column ?

Only one row. You have to set up multiple columns. Forms do not write to multiple rows. If you’d want it in multiple rows, then you’d have to handle that processing with formulas or scripts in the sheet.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager

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This can be done by creating 2 sheets.
One for Main users and one for Family member.

The main user would fill out the form that drops in the main user sheet
and use the “Add family member button” to drop family members in the family member sheet.

The main member will be automatically providing “Useremail” when submitting the family member form, which will be used as a relation connection to the main member after they complete their profile.

So you will be creating a form in a form.

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thanks @Lighted_Candle

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Hi @Lighted_Candle, thanks again for the insight.

Reminder: I want one form where “Parent” creates ones profile and has a button to add “Family members” (cf. “Créer ma famille” on the picture).
When the “Parent” submits the form, it drops both the “User” sheet for its profile and the “Family” sheet (with family members in 1 row), cf. your idea above.

Issue: after clicking on the button, the text entries to enter the “family members” names are in grey (I cannot write into them).



Thanks in advance for your help!

I personally tend to shy away from a form within a form. I feel like you can run into too many issues. In your case, I really don’t think it would work in your case because ideally you would need a family/profile record already created to automatically include the family name/id in the form where you add the children. Since you have not submitted your family/profile data yet, it hasn’t been written to the sheet. I don’t know if the entry fields are grayed out because of this or what’s going on, but I feel like it would be a better flow to first create the family/profile record, then while viewing it’s details, you have a form to create the children record for that family. Or, like @Lighted_Candle pointed out, if you are only attaching the signed in user email for the children records, then maybe it should work with a form within a form.

In either case, it would probably help if you also showed a screenshot of the components you have on each form.

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The only way to do this is to have Blank child slots already pre-configured for every user whether they have children or not.

Create a sheet Called children and create some Columns called Parent Email, Parent Name, Child1Name, Child1Pic, Child1Age, Child2Name, Child2Pic, Child2Age. For this example I have 2 child preconfigured for every user, with their childs name age and pic.

do a formula such as =Unique(Userssheet!A2:A) and place it in the “Parent Email” Column of the child sheet. This will automatically carry over all users to this sheet once they log in the app. (Of course you need to set the UsersSheet as the main login sheet.

Create a reference from the usersheet to the childsheets via relating the parents email. Now when indivdual is editing their profile you will have a link to edit the children information automatically on the other form without needing to submit the form.

So you would have a Live form in a form by link relationship.
Technically you are not “Adding a child” because you assume everyone will have a child and assign a blank child slot to everyone already. This way you don’t have to Submit a form for a child slot to be related to the parent. All your users are assumed to be parents and are reserved child slots. Now all that is left if for the real parents to just fill in the blank child slots according to whatever info you want them to fill out based on the child columns you setup.

Hope this helps. Its just a matter of thinking outside the box.

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Many thanks !