Creating Separate Business and Visitor Accounts

Is there a way to have businesses listed in my Glide app but have it so visitors can only view the businesses listed but cannot add any information?

If so, how? Thanks in advance.

Row owners could be used if you want conditional editing done.

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Thanks for the response. How do I add row owners? Currently, I have two permissions: Administrator and Reader.

@Darmell_Nathaniel my apologies, I misread the question. The above would restrict both view and edit access. So you cannot use row owners for this, if you want it visible to all users.

To make it conditionally editable, at the item level there is a tab called edit, and in it a checkbox which allows users to edit the item. You can add a condition to this, simply put in that access level equals admin.

See here:

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Or if there is a tab for business make it only visible for business vice versa
Only give editing rights to business
Good enough

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Thank you. This forum has been super helpful, and I will begin applying your suggestions. I truly appreciate your assistance.

All the best

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Your welcome

No worries!