Creating relation via form

it should be easy - but I din’t found any way…

I have a countries (poland, germany, china, canada)
and bunch of cities (Warsaw, berlin, Toronto, Ottawa, Washington, Beijing)
Cities table has two columns: | name | country |
Countries has three columns: | name | rel_Cities |
of course this is typical one (country) to many (cities) relationship.

Question is: It is easy to build EDIT COUNTRY screen with collection of child cities and action “add” new city. But is there any way to CHOOSE a city from list of existing cities?

For example, a have a list of 10 cities, on EDIT CANADA I want to see choice component with 10 city-chips (nice!), and I wan to select 3 of them and assign them to Canada…

I hope you understand, my English is not so good :slight_smile:

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