Dynamic Choice Options

Was playing around with an idea for a fantasy app and found a great use for the Screen context, for a problem where we have all tried to find some or the other solution.


For the second choice component, I have filtered the options by using the value for Choice A from the Screen context.

Apologies if this has been shared before.


was thinking about doing something similar where first choice would be Continent and second would be country. Trying to figure out how to run a lookup on the first choice to provide choices for second … any ideas?

hi, you just need to filter the 2nd choice component with the “Screen” option and select “Continent” in the list



You can make a Table of Continents, and a Table of Countries that also has a Column for its Continent. Then you make the relation between the two Tables.

On the interface you can have a Choice Component for the Continents, and then another for Country. You apply a Filter on the Country Choice that references the Continent Relation. (This is a quick answer without everything being exactly correct.)


And how can I (in my particular app) add both values (choosen continent AND choosen country) in a (third) main table?

Use the values that were selected in the choice components. If a related row in the 3rd table already exists, use a Set Column Values action. Otherwise Add a Row.

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