Creating a "Sign up" form in a Glide ap

It was just the red text, like if you have two components pointing to the same column. It sure makes sense to have it as an option.

Nice. Can you explain what that time stamp column is? How do you generate a time stamp/why don’t you use the date/time special value?

Its the date/time special value only. Time stamp is how it is referred to glide, I think.

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Going off topic here vijay, but what tool/swill you be using to connect with the tutors?

I am using zoom for student to connect with tutor. So, when a tutor registers, they have to download zoom and get a meeting link and submit that. When a student sends a connect request and tutor accepts, it, the students sees a button " Join session" which will be linked to the zoom meeting link of the tutor. Same at the tutors side as well.
I also provide whatsapp link of tutor for student to connect on whatsapp.I havent yet launched it, still working out the best solutions.

Fantastic! Great app. Thank you.

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You may check out the tutors app as well which is at and try to send a request from student app and then accept it from the tutors app to see how it works. There are some time delays as it is still not a PRO app. Thanks

Thank you vijay. It’s great to see how others are using Glide :slight_smile:

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Congratulations for your app Vijay!!!
how do you make the hyperlink in the form where Zoom app is pointing to
I want to create a sign up form where my user need to accept special terms and conditions. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mcmurdok,
I used Markdown text for that.

The format for using markdown text for links is:

[I'm an inline-style link]([](

You may check this for reference:

And, for Terms and Conditions, have a checkbox component, which can be linked to a column data which will be TRUE or FALSE.

The Terms and Conditions can be in a link which can be provided in the text for the checkbox component.


It pains me to have to say this but the sign in with public email feature is Glide’s biggest drawback. In this day and age, lazy ppl don’t have time to sign in with email and then sign up/register again. A basic feature of any mobile app in this day and age is the ability extended to the user/public to (1) download, (2) view unique parts of the app, then (3) sign up.

We shouldn’t have to vote to have this feature made available to us. This should be there for us as a normal feature. Not having it limits our ability to go pro and market glide apps to potential clients the way we would want. So Glide pls give us the ability to market glide apps to a bigger audience.


Hello @vijay! This literally falls in line with what I am trying to accomplish on my app. I want it to open with the create profile option only and then when user creates the profile, they will have access to the rest of the app. I created the profile form and button… just don’t know how to make the rest of the app functions not visible.

First, enable sign in with public email.

Next, setup your profile tab. In my test app it looks like this.

A text component that tells people to fill in the details, it is visible when user name is empty or user address is empty, or user phone is empty. It means that users have to fill out all those details before that text disappears.

It would look like this for an unregistered user.


You should not create the form and button, but add text entries pointing directly to the row, and set the logged in email column as “Row owner”. That way, people will only have access to edit their own profile.

Create an If > Then > Else column in your Profile data, let’s say “ProfileDone?” that checks if the profile has completed (meaning the name, the address and the phone are all not empty, for example).

For the other tabs of your app, you can only show them when the profile has been completed, meaning the ProfileDone column is TRUE.

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Thank you so much! I will try it and update you!

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Don’t hesitate to comment here or message me privately if you need help!

I was able do this but now I am running into an issue. When the user logs in through the welcome page using google or their email it creates a row (1) in the sheet with just the email. While on the app after signing in, it takes the user to the sign up page I created. Once the user completes the sign up form it creates an additional row (2) with the same exact email used to sign. Now there are two rows with the same email. Row (1) only contains the users email address and row(2) now contains the users email along with the data entered when filling out the sign up form. (Instead of populating the rest of the needed information on row(1), prior to completing the sign up form)

How do we get the initial row(1), that was first created with the email, to be filled in with the rest of the information from the form without it creating a new separate row?

Here’s my approach using tab visibility.

Hi @Gerdy_Purdie,
When the user signs in, it creates a row only in the App Logins page, but not in the sheets with your data. So, I am not sure which Row (1) you are referring to?
A screenshot will help. Thanks.

It is the row automatically created when a user profiles setup is used.

This comes up with frequently and I always share the same post, so I’ll share it again.

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