Creating A Reset Button

Hello! I am looking for a way to create a reset button which resets the following from the profile tab.

sheets: Tasks, Rules, Rewards, Negative Effects.
Each sheet also has a log tab where I am pulling the values from.

Scenario: Person completes tasks and follows rules which earns points once approved by admin in the logs. Admin chooses to reset history or tasks, rules, rewards, negative effects from the users profile. Therefore their points are reset as well as their history. Any ideas?

Using set columns would probably help you, with a clear value

Ive tried using clear value but it will only clear one row rather than multiple. Currently looking into making a toggle to increment and hide anything larger than.

We are all waiting to be able to delete multiple rows at once. Maybe a script can help you, @Manan_Mehta or @Darren_Murphy will be able to help you with it

so it seems to be a common problem then? Interesting. Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated!

yes, trivial with a bit of Apps Script…

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