Creating a relationship that’s not case sensitive

Is it possible to create a relationship isn’t case sensitive? For example, I want ‘Parent’ in one sheet’s column to relate with ‘parent’ in another sheet’s column.
I know it’s possible to create an array with multiple cases or simply keep everything in lower case but I am looking for a better solution.

A relation will always look for an exact match, so best bet is have a column in both sheets to change everything to lowercase/uppercase and then make the relation based on those columns. It’s just 2 more arrayformulas though.

Can also use IFTHENs in the editor to change values. Not sure if it works out faster, but might be quicker than doing it through the sheet.

Thanks @ThinhDinh and @shchc.

I am anticipating 50+ words in the array (1 word per cell). Based on that it’s kind of unlrealistic to create 3 array formulas / if then else for each.

Wish glide would simply make it case insensitive.

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@S_C You can take approach of ID. Each word will have an unique ID and same ID you can use in other sheet. Then match by Id so you don’t need to worry about word match.

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Can you elaborate on this?

If parent_column is parent, then Parent; else parent_column.

Could also just check if parent_column is not Parent if that’s the only option.

my apologies, but I tried that
I’m sure I’m doing something wrong how do i make it case insensitive

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It doesn’t make it non-case-sensitive, it just changes values from one case to another, when necessary. You’d then point your relation to this new column rather than the original.