Creating a form with file attachment

Hi! I just opened a starter account to see if Glide pages can work for our needs. Looking to create two things: 1. A form to provide costumers on our website where they can provide contact information AND upload a file (of many types) for a quote…… can glide do this?
2. Possibly create a customer portal to include on a website that allows orders and invoices to go into ….

hey @jcma ! Welcome.
This is a perfect use case for Glide. There are a few templates that might help you get started, as well as the documentation, or the experts that you can hire to build something like this for you.

Thank you for your reply. So with the free version we are able to create a client portal and form for customers to upload files?

Also, what is the range of $$ for experts?

With the free version, you’d be too limited, IMO. You’d only be able to store 500 records (forms, users, etc) and 200MB. I’d suggest the PRO plan, and at minimum the Basic plan.

I think rates are all over, at LowCode we start at 5k for a full, custom build, with integrations to your ERP, CRM, etc; but there are other experts who do hourly consultations.

What is the price of the pro plan at the basic plan ? We are a very small business starting off so 5k for an expert is very unrealistic. I’d be happy with 50 customers in the first year.

You can see Glide’s pricing at Pricing • Glide