Creating a Custom Approval Button per Quote for Customer

Hi All -

Trying to solve the following problem:

  1. I am building an internal app, one part of which is to create and manage quotes for customers
  2. Using DocsAutomater, I am able to automatically email customers a PDF of the quote
  3. Currently, customers can only approve their quotes by either replying to the email or contacting us by phone. I would like to create an “Approve” button, that flags the specific quote as such either in the PDFs or (more likely) in the body of the email
  4. I would like for customers not to have to log into my Glide app to approve their respective quotes. Is there a way to configure this where a button containing a unique approval URL is included in the email body?

Any help is appreciated.


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I don’t have any experience with this, but my thinking is if you add a webhook URL as the destination of your button, you can sort of trigger something when the user clicks the button. If the URL can contain parameters, I don’t know if it can be parsed later on, but if it’s possible you might want to explore it.


Hi @mstam2, thanks for using DocsAutomator :slight_smile: Where do you want to catch that Webhook? In Glide? Cheers, Rupert

Hi Rupert – I am trying to do the following:

  1. Customer receives a DocsAutomator PDF for a quote
    via email. The email body contains a button to approve the quote.
  2. When the customer clicks approve, it changes the quote status value in a Glide table to “approved”

I am not sure how to create a link / construct a webhook that could do this.

Hi @mstam2, you can achieve this using the Glide API and just would need an environment where you can catch that webhook when it’s clicked + pass a row id of the quote you want to update.

This should be doable with Zapier or Make (or code if you know some Javascript for instance): Getting Started with the Glide API | Glide Docs