Set column values in another sheet?

Hey Guys,

Hope you all well! Just running into some small hiccups on my app, Im using the field sales app to create a quote, instead of the cart creating an ‘order’ its creating a ‘quote’. The quote gets formatted like this once submitted :

So the admin can go into an account (through a table) and then see their recent quotes for the company :

However I want to have something so that when the admin clicks generate quote it does either of the following :

  1. Send a formatted email (docsautomater?) to the client with the data with some way for them to accept the quote and get it to toggle a switch on the admin side.

  2. Reflect the exact same quote the admin created in the clients profile. The clients tab could just be a tab that can only be seen by people with ‘client’ role. Their can be an action row on the clients side that says I accept the quote which then updates the admin.

Those are just the ways that I came up with however if you can think of some other easier ones or just explain to me how to do one of them (preferably the 2nd) I would be so grateful. I watched Roberts video on setting column rows on other sheets but didn’t understand much of it.

There has also been almost no changes to the default field sales template data.

Again would appreciate any help immensely!


Mitch Francis

I think keeping it all inside Glide can be better. You can use DocsAutomater or PDFMonkey for this, then store the document inside a column and display it in a webview component.

Add a button pointing to a boolean column for them to set a “true” value, indicating they have accepted the quote.

Of course you would also have to store the client’s rowID/email on the Quotes table so later on, you can filter only the quotes they can see, or use roles/row owner setup.

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Ah I see, Thanks so much!

How do you store the individual items that were selected in the table on docsautomater? Do you have to use the JSON method?

And last thing, How could I go about creating a quote and invoice number that automatically gets assigned to each new quote or invoice?

So you want a line items setup? I doubt DocsAutomator offers that at the moment via the native integration, I think you would still have to go through the API, am I right @Rupert ?

Does it have to be sequential, and will you ever delete your documents?

@ThinhDinh @Hive_AI Glide’s DocsAutomator integration still does not offer line item support :unamused: desperately waiting for it myself…

In the mean time, please use a workaround via Make or Zapier. Make I’ve documented on YouTube. Please reach out in case of any questions!


Thanks guys, figured something out! Appreciate the help!

One last question. I have 2 tables. One is called Inventory Products and the other is called FS Products. FS products has a column called Buying Price and so does the Products table. However, what I would like is for the Buying price column in FS products to be reflected in the buying price column in products. So when buying price in FS products changes the buying price in Products changes as well…

Would be a great help!

Have a good Sunday all!


What you can do is replace the Buying Price column in your FS Products table with a computed column.
Do that as follows:

  • Create a single relation column in your FS Products table that matches the Product Name (or Product ID) with the same value in your Inventory Products table.
  • Then use a Lookup column to retrieve the Buying Price through that single relation.
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