Creating a 1:1 chat

Should I make “Has new messages” any changes to this column?

In another column “Count unread” I am counting the number of TRUE “Has new messages”, which is the value for the counter in my tab.

You may want to apply row owners to both email columns. Not only for security purposes, but it would be the easiest way to correct the counts so it would only count rows that the app has access to for the user. Otherwise you would probably have to restructure your If column to ignore any rows where you are not the sender or receiver.

Makes sense. I’ll try that. I’ve added so many new columns trying to make the calculations that I think my head is going to explode. This seems to be the better way. :crazy_face:

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Find all uses is your friend :wink:

Still not working. I’ll get back to this later today. Enjoy your cake! :wink:

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I think row owners fixed it after all. Maybe my computer was exhausted, too. Seems like it’s working now. Thanks!