Create Database Row by Folder


I am working on a concept at the moment for a video-database system.
So imagine something like an internal “shutterstock”.
My question is… do you have a best practise in mind how I could automatically create a glide table row for every file that is on the storage for the files?

I think at the moment the best way is to have a script running on the server that is sending the name of every new file over the API… but thats also a bit complicated. Which ideas do you have?


What storage are you talking about here?

Storage will be self hosted or a cloud storage like google.

That’s probably the way to do it. Use the API to add a row for each file. You would need to include a public URL for each file, assuming that you want to be able to access them from your Glide App.

You should ensure that whichever you choose is optimised for serving streaming media, otherwise you will most likely run into problems down the track.

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