Create CSV from Joined Lists

For the Create CSV integration is there a way to send data in Joined Lists to create separate rows of data.
Currently if I send joined lists the Create CSV integration groups them all into 1 row of data.

Use a multiple relation.

I’ve done that to bring the matching rows of data into the table, but how can I use this to then create a csv with each item arranged as a individual row.

I think what @Darren_Murphy is suggesting is to use a MULTIPLE relation as the ‘source’ of your CSV integration.

Ok, then create a joined list ith the correct ros or just pass the relation field directly to the csv?

Try passing the relation field directly to the CSV integration


Or just Java??? :wink:

It will not let me pass a relation field to the csv integration.

I finished my Template lol… Do you want to see it?

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got it orking…Thanks


It will if it’s a multiple relation :wink:


got it done. Thanks.

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