Create a new related record from a detail page

Hi guys!

Trying to create my first Glide Pages template.

I’m trying to create a button in a detail page that create a new entry in a different related table.

How could I save the IdRow of the detail page in the new row of the related table so I keep the relation working?

Setting the default value of the relation field to the IdRow of the detail page works but I don’t want to show this IdRow relation field and when I make it not visible it doesn’t save the value when submitting the form. Setting values to the new entry when submitting doesn’t allow me to set the detail page IdRow to the new created entry so I’m stuck.

Any help?

You should have a column value component available to you, that would pass the row id through the form without showing it on the screen.


Thanks so much Jeff. So obvious, isn’t it? What was I thinking about …. Have a happy new year!

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