Access data from parent screen to set column value

Situation is as following:

  • Glide Pages
  • Detail page of a table called “Deals”
  • Data Tab shows Row ID of a specific “Deal”
  • Detail Page has a component with the table “Properties” as Source


  • User clicks on a property and it will be “assigned” to a deal

My Approach:

  • I would like to add the deal row id to the property via “set column value” but as the collection has the table “property” as source, the row ID from the deal does not show up in the menu.

What do I need to do?

Thank you in advance!

I assume you have a list of deals and then click on a certain deal, and the the details screen for that deal has the list of a available properties? In that case, I would set a custom action on the Deals list, so when you click on it, it will first set the RowID in another table, such as the user profile table, then it will continue to the detail view. Then when you select a property, you can access that deal RowID from the user profile.

Hey @Jeff_Hager, thanks for looking into this. I just tested it and it works! So the user profile table acts as kind of memory as it’s always available to set column values - got it! :slight_smile:

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