COVID-19 Support app: Struggling with data, relations, etc

Hi folks! Currently trying to build an app which is basically a marketplace for drinks / treats to support local businesses during COVID19 (by providing bars/cafes with revenue through giftcard purchases - doing it non-profit)

I’ve watched the tutorials but can’t figure out where I’m going wrong with the data formatting in Slides / creating relations etc.

An overview of how the UX/flow should be:

Select country page -> Select City (only show cities from the selected country) -> Select venue (only venues in that city) -> see venue’s menu -> select item -> pay

Much of the infrastructure and data is there, but we’ve spent two days trying to figure out how to get it to click! I’m sure its a very simple thing but wondered whether you guys might be able to help, or point us to the right resource, please?

Also, could you please suggest how to lay out this kind of data, in terms of different sheets, or is it a row/column/array issue? so many questions!

Apologies if this is unclear - do let me know what kind of info you’d need to be able to help most efficiently.

Many thanks in advance!

  • You want one sheet each for Countries, Cities, Venues, Menu Items.
  • Each menu item needs a column with its venue.
  • Each venue needs a column with its city.
  • Each city needs a column with its country.
  • Then make a multiple relation from Country to City, from City to Venue, from Venue to Menu Item.
  • Then use inline lists to show the data.

Did you watch the relations videos?

Thanks so much David! Yeah I watched the videos but couldn’t quite translate where I was going wrong as I couldn’t get the relations to work.

The data sheet advice should solve that! Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

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We have done something similar. LOCUS, a crowd-sourcing initiative that helps find essentials (groceries, dairy, medical etc.) near you

You can check the same here -

Hope it gives you some ideas. And if you find it useful, please spread the word!

Team Locus

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