Coupon/Specials with Start and End Date

I have a “Specials” glide table that has items listed with a Start and End date as well as coupon code and image for each to be offered to my clients during that window of time only. I am having trouble getting them to show based on being “active” based on the date window since it is only seeing the first record. When the start and end date for the first item are “active” it works but shows all including any that expired and any that are upcoming. I have tried what I thought would work but apparently, I don’t understand how to get Glide to read each record separately and only show those that are currently within their individual active dates. Thanks in advance!

Use an if-then-else column with the following logic:

  • If Start Date is after today, then null (leave empty)
  • If End Date is before today, then null
  • Else true

Now you can filter them using the if-then-else column, only showing rows where it is checked.

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Brilliant and worked like a charm…of course and another lesson learned!!
I wanted to add an afterthought…
It is not only the product that Glide has created that is amazing but the greater strength is the community that surrounds it and makes it possible for newbies like me to find great success as I learn and develop into an expert in my own right! Thank you all for being amazing and so ready and eager to see others succeed! WHAT A BLESSING!


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