Counting number of submissions


I am making an APP for photo competition. One criteria that is required is to allow only, for example 5 submissions per user. I can use rollup for count and count unique, but these do not give me the count per user. Count gives total submissions by all users and count unique gives the number of different users that have submitted.

Suggestions please on how to collect the number of submissions per user.

thank you

One way to think about it is to create 5 columns, with photo1, photo2 etc.
User specific lines
Then use visibility to show/hide upload picture button

thanks Nadir.

i found a way to count is to make a relation to the submitter and then do roll up from there.
this is more flexible as i can adjust the visibility by setting the number instead of worrying about the columns.

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Make a relation with the emails in user profiles to the submissions sheet, then a rollup to count the number of submissions for the specific email. Would that work?

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