Counter of users

How does the counter of users works?

How many different people must be connected to have a real number of users instead of « a few users « ?

Thanks a lot.

A few user’s is under 10 or 20 in my experience

Thanks a lot

Le lun. 16 déc. 2019 à 14:09, Muhammad iqbal via Glide Community a écrit :

Since this mornig, Any images I have in my app that link to a screen when I click “Back” from that linked screen, it takes me to the same linked screen. I have to click “Back” again to get me to the original screen. Anyone else getting this bug?

Le lun. 16 déc. 2019 à 18:42, Jean-Michel S a écrit :

Let’s try to avoid multiple posts and stay on topic

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This is my best understanding of the counts.